mission & vision

​​UHI's reward is your growth.  We are united in providing a foundation of independence and choice.  Engaging all people to explore a lifestyle that makes them proud.

our leadership team

1986- Umpqua Homes was founded as people transitioned from Fairview the state run facility into community based homes though out Oregon.

1987- We opened the first home supporting 5 people. 

​Over the years we added an additional 12 locations and now support over 50 people to lead independent vibrant lives.  

UHI History


Please reach out if you are interested in assisting people to achieve their full potential.  We are looking for volunteers that will provide compassionate care and support. 

Kim Kerby 
Our Director of Quality Assurance and Improvement has supported UHI for over  30 years.  She ensures that we deliver quality supports and services.  She loves working for people with differing abilities. 

Natasha Atkinson

Our Chief Executive Officer truly treasures working for the people supported by UHI.  She provides compassionate leadership, management and vision to the organization. 

Kellie Ward
Our Director of Human Resources is a skilled professional who focuses in team building.  She mentors team members while enforcing the organization's values.  

All about uhi 


We are honored to be an integral part of our community.  People we support love to participate in all areas of Douglas County. 

Our organization provides residential services focused on peoples’ quality of life, and it endeavors to expand the community’s positive awareness of individuals with different abilities.

Umpqua Homes values effective communication through listening, understanding, awareness and compassion. 

We are one of the largest agencies within Douglas County, with nearly 200 staff.  We believe teamwork embodies mutual dignity and respect creating  an environment that supports common goals. 

We foster an environment where success is contingent on honesty, integrity, tolerance, dignity and acceptance.